Claire Westman

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Intermediate Certification

  • Certified Confidence Coach

  • Certified Life Coach

  • PhD Philosophy

My Story - Claire Westman

Claire is based in Johannesburg, South Africa but sessions can be conducted online from anywhere in the World


"I help women to restore the connection between their minds and bodies so that they can live their most pleasurable and fulfilling life possible"

Claire is an intimacy and sexual empowerment coach who is passionate about helping women, specifically, connect with their bodies, overcome shame and guilt related to sex and intimacy, and open themselves up to greater pleasure and orgasmic potential. She also assists couples to increase their intimacy and create closer connections thereby transcending to new levels of ecstatic intimacy.

Claire holds a PhD in Philosophy focussing specifically on feminism, sexuality, gender, and sexual violence

She is also a certified life and confidence coach. Her passion related to sex, sexuality and gender has stemmed from her educational background but also from her own journey in becoming more confident and more embodied.

n her practice she teaches clients techniques, including neo-tantric techniques, that help them to develop a greater connection with their own bodies, as well as with their partner(s). These techniques include: Breathwork, Tantric Touch, Couples Work, Self-love Rituals, and Communication techniques.

"I assist women to be more conscious of their own desires, to more clearly communicate their desires and boundaries, and use their sexual energy as a vitalising, creative force in all areas of their lives.”

What Claire offers currently in her personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
  • Intimacy coaching sessions

  • Individual and couple’s sessions

  • Confidence coaching

  • Body positivity coaching

  • Neo-tantric practices

  • Intimacy workshops

  • Confidence workshops

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What are the sorts of issues Claire's coaching style is best for?
  • Sexual empowerment

  • Releasing guilt and shame surrounding sex and intimacy

  • Developing greater confidence

  • Exploring intimacy (for individuals and couples)