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"Awaken Bliss"
Couple's Course
June 2022



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An Immersive Online Course for Couples

To really create change in your intimate life and bliss
you need to be able to learn in a way and a timeframe that suits you

This 3 - 6 month limited intake immersive course for couples is a way to safely learn in your own home from anywhere in the world, and also take part in classes and online trainings as well as through a student platform with videos, notes & homework. 

Why 3 - 6 months?

 To make real changes in the body & somatic experiencing (it's similar to personal training at a gym)

  your body requires this timeframe to integrate new learnings and different states of pleasure 

Why immersive with live group calls & classes?

Maintaining motivation and momentum is often difficult with online courses. Having scheduled classes and calls helps keep you on the Bliss Path when life happens!

Live classes and group calls are available for you to partake in if you choose, taught by Registered Intimacy Coaches. You do not have to attend every class, but we suggest you do participate to your level of comfort to practice what you are learning in your course!


 June 2022 intake is FULLY BOOKED

next bookings available from OCTOBER 2022 

Your Course Includes:

Training Manuals & Videos 

  • 42 Videos on various aspects of touch & sensuality in relationship

  • 12 E-Books covering everything from awakening the nervous system to pleasure to different ways to experience orgasm & bliss

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As part of the course you have access to weekly videos & notes to do homework with

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LIVE Tantra & Yoga Couples' Classes

Learn the work in online LIVE classes covering aspects of Tantra, Yoga & Breathwork

PLEASE NOTE: live classes do not contain any nudity, and you can choose to participate to your own level of comfort

Yoga at Home

Monthly classes are included with your course

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LIVE Zoom Couples' Sessions

Zoom Classes every month available as part of your course

PLEASE NOTE: live classes do not contain any nudity, and you can choose to participate to your own level of comfort


As part of your course you can attend Group Couples' Sessions live on Zoom to ask questions and hear the lessons being discussed

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Personal Zoom Check In

Included: One on One 90 minute personal session with a Registered Intimacy Coach

Digital Reading

This can be scheduled at any time during the course

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What you will learn on this course:

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Meet your
"Awaken Bliss"
Course Coaches

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Annie & Tim have been together for 27 years, and have experienced so much expansion and pleasure through learning these techniques that they teach them as a couple, both online and on retreats. They have learned, often the hard way, how important is is to have safety and respect for your relationship design when working with this material. Teaching together is one of things that they enjoy, as this work has strengthened their bond, and created huge bliss and pleasure in their relationship!

Annie is the Founder of Intimacy Coach International and you can learn more about her journey READ MORE>

 Prior Zoom Interview 

Because this is a small group we will be working with for 3 - 6 months, we'd like to chat to you before you come on board to check this course is the right fit for you as a couple

There is no charge for your initial interview as we really want to check in with you that it's a good fit for you and for the group we will be working and sharing with.