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"Awaken Bliss"
Couple's Course
Online Retreat


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An Online Retreat for Couples

To really create change in your intimate life and bliss
you need to be able to learn in a way and a timeframe that suits you

This online retreat for couples is a way to safely & confidentially learn in your own home through a weekend attendance followed by an online course for extended notes on the techniques learned 

What can this do for my relationship?

  You will learn:

  • How to change your intimate communication for better understandings of pleasure 

  • How to touch consciously through the Yin Conscious Touch / Massage Technique

  • Learning Neo Tantra & Taoist techniques for extended states of pleasure

This online live course does not involve any nudity, and does not require you to appear on camera or share any personal details, client confidentiality is very important to us!


Your Weekend Online Retreat Includes:

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Meet your
"Awaken Bliss"
Course Coaches

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Annie & Tim have been together for 27 years, and have experienced so much expansion and pleasure through learning these techniques that they teach them as a couple!

 They have learned, often the hard way, how important is is to have safety and respect for your relationship design when working with this material. Teaching together is one of things that they enjoy, as this work has strengthened their bond, and created huge bliss and pleasure in their relationship!

Annie is the Founder of Intimacy Coach International and you can learn more about her journey READ MORE>

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