Florian Kroll

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Shakti Touch Tantra Massage

  • Sound Healing

  • Tantrik Training for Men

  • Tantrik Yoga

  • Qigong

  • Shamanic Ceremonies

My Story - Florian Kroll

Florian is based in Cape Town - South Africa 


"I blend ancient tantrik and taoist practices and cutting-edge neuroscience to help you awaken, cultivate and lead shakti-kundalini - the sacred psycho-sexual energy pulsating at the root of life, consciousness and sexuality"

Release emotional and energetic blockages like fear, shame, jealousy and self-judgement to expand your capacity to experience the bliss, freedom and innate wisdom of your awakening life force energy. Master this energy to become a more sensitive, skilled and playful lover and to access deeper pleasure with your partners.

Embrace and harness the energies of desire and sexuality as a source of transcendent bliss, creativity, abundance and flow. Dance and play with this energy to shift, digest and transmute “stuck” patterns and experience deep bliss and freedom.

“I draw on over 30 years’ experience to work with women, men and couples in absolute discretion, privacy and respect using a variety of modalities including dialogue, touch, breath, voice, sound, movement, ritual and plant medicines.By understanding and working with these energies, we can release, repair, heal and grow. Physically, consciously and spiritually.”

My work as a social scientist and father is nurtured and inspired by my spiritual path - an assemblage of shamanic, taoist, buddhist and tantrik practices. After initially encountering buddhist and taoist philosophy and pranayama through my training in martial arts since 1990, I began training in  taoist qigong  in 1997, training with teachers including Chandana Muthunayake, Max Weier, and Del Pe.

My interest in shamanic practices began in my late teens, when I learned of the trance dances of the San. I began exploring shamanism and entheogens in 1997, and have worked intimately with teonanacatl, wachuma and ayahuasca. My shamanic calling has introduced me to the sacred instruments of the didjeridoo, shaker, flute and Lakota medicine drum.

Since 2009, I have also practiced elements of kundalini and vinyasa yoga as well as tibetan yoga (trulkhor and tsa loong). At the same time, I also began a love affair with conscious dance, exploring modalities including Nia, 5 rhythms, Expressive Movement, Tandava, Movement Medicine, Ecstatic Dance and Dance Awake.

I received shaktipat in 2009 from Dr Cary, who traces his line of transmission via Dr Ram Bhosle to the well-known guru Bhagawan Nityananda and the mythical Mahavatar Babaji. This transmission activated the movement of shakti, awakening the shaking medicine, which regularly arises when I expand into emptiness and bliss.

"Drawing on the different traditions and lineages, I have explored aspects of open relating and tantra since 2009. Working with a dynamic blend of dialogue, vocalisation, sacred sounds, resonant touch and tantrik pranayama, I act as a guide and channel for shakti, sharing my gifts with authentic seekers"

What Florian (Dancing Dragon) offers currently in his personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Shakti - Touch Tantra Massage
Training & mentoring to awaken and harness psycho-sexual energy through Tantrik Yoga and Qigong
Tantrik sexual coaching for men
Sound Healing
Shamanic Ceremonies


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What are the sorts of issues Dancing Dragon's coaching style is best for?

  • Releasing stress, tension, shame and anxiety around embodiment and sexuality

  • Activating and balancing psychosexual energy (Shakti)

  • Supporting and guiding kundalini awakening

  • Embodying sensual bliss and spacious presence

  • Accessing transcendent states of consciousness

Coming Up in March 2020


Shamanic Ceremony with Teonanacatl Sacramental Medicine - March 2020.

An expansive spiritual process integrating breath, movement, nature, meditation and entheogens. An offering for professionals healing the environment and society. Deepen your connection to nature and spirit. Explore your innermost calling, rediscover meaning in your work, envision a new way forward and heal the trauma of an activist life