Personal & Professional Coaching for your Intimate Life

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Anne-Marie Clulow Intimacy Coach International
Meet Anne-Marie


She's the founder of Intimacy Coach International, and has been married for 23 years, and coached clients worldwide to explore, evolve and experience conscious bliss & sensuality in their relationships

"We ran into issues with pleasure & sexuality in our relationship, and travelled a really difficult path involving separation and hurt. I wanted to create ways for people to learn how to change that with ease & mindfulness, so that learning about improving their intimate life could be fun & deeply pleasurable"

"Why would I see an Intimacy Coach?"


Just like any other area of our lives, we learn best by consulting with a professional.

Our Coaches are Registered and Trained within our Code of Conduct to provide a safe and fun learning space to improve your intimate life, and teach you new skills for pleasure & sensuality.

There are also coaches that focus on counselling and healing with integrated modalities ranging from counselling  to bodywork & massage.

You learn in a way that feels comfortable to you, and to see what individual coaches offer, check with their individual pages.

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"I have an interest in
Conscious Sexuality & Tantra, what's available to me?"


There's been a huge resurgence of interest in Tantra (especially Neo Tantra which includes a mindful and conscious sexual approach), and many couples  & singles are interested in safely exploring this after seeing programmes like "Sex, love and goop" "Sex Education" and "Wild, Wild Country " etc on Netflix!

An intimacy Coach may be the perfect way to introduce you to these practices safely, with clearly defined boundaries for your specific relationship, and designed programmes for learning.

"What is Kundalini? What is Conscious Sexuality? How do I have Tantric Sex?


For many, a Sexual-Spiritual Awakening of Conscious Bliss Energy in their bodies (kundalini awakening) is a difficult process to integrate and explore safely.

We offer sessions and online courses around this topic, and practical ways to integrate this experience into your life.