Jasmine Sierra

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Intimacy Diviner & Astrologer

  • Intimacy Tarot Readings

  • Online sessions & personal sessions in Seattle, USA

My Story - Jasmine Sierra

Jasmine is based in Seattle in the USA


"How many of us spend our days longing for more?"

When I first graduated from college, I was on track to become another Millennial caught up in the rat race.  Even though I was (and still am) continuing my education as a poet, there are only so many hours I can spend on homework, which means I needed to work in the meantime to maintain the roof over my head. And it was during this time where, when faced with abusive coworkers and negligent management, I began to wonder if this was it. This is what it means to be an adult: putting up with a toxic situation just because it’s helping you to survive.

But how many of us spend our days longing for more?

"I want to tell you that, in the face of dire straits, change is possible"

When I came across the opportunity to become an Intimacy Coach, I leapt for it. I quit the job and moved across the country because I wanted to use the skills I’ve acquired from writing and graphic design to create fun, consumable content towards one of my biggest passions: sex.


I am also called to take what I’ve learned about my intimate journey to help others travel theirs, in the hopes of showing you that it’s never to late to change course if you don’t like the view of your current path!

Whether you are a single woman wanting to learn how to conquer your fear of intimacy for the first time, or a newly minted polyamorous couple trying to navigate the challenges of open communication, I am here to help. Though I am new, my training with Intimacy Coaching International has prepared me to help you work through fears like these and more.

 My practice – which ranges from teaching you the Sensual Arts to learning how to de-armor your body - remains committed to guiding you towards the sexual being you want to be.

I have been trained on how to teach basic communication techniques, foundational bodywork exercises, and radical self-pleasure. I also combine my skills as a diviner, using astrology and tarot to provide an additional layer of understanding your needs (if you so choose) to build a comprehensive profile that assesses your unique needs in order to custom-design sessions that will work best for you. 

What Jasmine offers currently in her personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Free online Discovery Call (15 minutes) to see if this is the right fit for you
Custom-made Intimacy Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions

Monogamous and polyamorous couples’ sessions

Foundational Bodywork and Sensual Arts

Overcoming intimacy anxiety and body image struggles

Radical self-pleasure and self-acceptance


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What are the sorts of issues Jasmine's coaching style is best for?
  • Working online via bespoke sessions
  • Overcoming intimacy anxiety and body image struggles
  • Working in person with gentle bodywork introductions

Meet Jasmine

Current Specials 2021

FREE Discovery Call

Discovery Call (15 minutes, Free): Curious about seeing an Intimacy Coach but aren’t sure where to begin? This complimentary 15-minute call is designed to help you figure that out! I will meet with you via phone, Skype, or Zoom (your choice) to help answer any questions you have about intimacy coaching and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Lightning Round (45 minutes, $50):

A quick, one-off session designed to help you get a feel for what it’s like working with an Intimacy Coach if you have a single concern that you’d like to tackle, such as:

  • How to relax and activate the PNS through breathwork and meditation

  • Foundational Bodywork exercises to get you grounded

  • Sensual Arts Skills for the Yoni and Lingam

  • Learning how to break out of toxic sexual patterns through Body Mapping and Basic Gifting & Receiving

Sex Toy Consultation (For Vulva Owners Only, 30 minutes, $40):

Want to get into using sex toys but don’t know where to start? In this single 30-minute session, you and I will sit down and discuss what kind of stimulation you’re looking to get out of your toy. I will help you identify the type of toy that will suit your needs best, as well as go through a few specific examples if you are looking for recommendations to start.

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