Juanita Fouche

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Intermediate Certification

  • Advanced Certification 

  • Reiki Certified

  • Kinesiologist

  • ISTA Certified

My Story - Juanita Fouche

Juanita is currently based in Cape Town - South Africa

"I consider myself a modern day Dakini*"

Juanita is a Tantra-inspired facilitator and coach, bringing mindfulness to sexuality. She offers workshops, private sessions, and resources to bring ease, confidence and spice into your connections with yourself and others! Yum.


Bringing life and honour back to an ancient healing profession, she is a minister of sacred sexual energy. Individuals who are drawn to her are spiritual seekers willing to integrate the sexual shadow into the light of truth. 


She is a massage therapist, communication, intimacy and connection coach. A pole dance instructor, Kinesiologist, and Reiki Therapist, but her greatest attribute is that of her own sexual intuition and her love of good coffee. She is spiritually minded and knows the profound healing benefits of sexual healing and erotic touch.


"I support people in getting out of their mental prisons so they can connect with the wisdom of their bodies, bellies and hearts to reach a deeper sense of self, clarity and ease"


Her unique menu of services includes Erotic massage, Tantric Touch, Sacred Yoni Healing, Sacred Spot Massage, Sacred Lingam Healing, pleasuring your partner, coaching for couples, Communication Coaching, Kinesiology, Reiki, Taoist Massage, Restorative healing of sexual dysfunction, Breathing techniques and Boundary setting. Self-love rituals, Tantra and Mindful sexuality ** to bring more presence, conscious awareness and competency to the Tantra seeker.


* A female embodiment of enlightenment is called a dakini in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. But what exactly is a dakini? Dakinis are elusive and playful by nature; trying to nail them down with a neat definition means missing them, since defying narrow intellectual concepts is at the core of their wise game.

** What's Tantra & mindful sexuality? It's about connecting with yourself and others in a way that feels juicy and nourishing. Powerful self-love, greaaat sex, deep connection, resilient mental and emotional health, vibrant mojo, radical embodiment, confidence, play, ease, flow. It includes sexuality, but it's more than just 'sex'—it's about being your truest, most confident, and pleasurable you. Yes, please. 

What Juanita offers currently in her personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Tantra & Mindful Sexuality 
Teaching Tantric Touch
Communication Coaching
Sacred Yoni Healing
Sacred Lingam Healing
Restorative Healing (Sexual Dysfunction)


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What are the sorts of issues Juanitas' coaching style is best for?
  • Sexual healing
  • Learning to be mindful in sexuality
  • Sexual communication challenges