Kyle Schoeman

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Intermediate Certification

  • Advanced Certification

  • Personal Trainer

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle

  • Martial Arts Background

  • BFA Sessions (Body Frequency Alignment)

My Story - Kyle Schoeman

Kyle is currently based in Johannesburg - South Africa, and does have a portable studio to travel to you within Johannesburg.


"I found my way into Intimacy Coaching holistically through my deep interests in health & wellness"

His path started at a young age – being incredibly physical and active growing up, including twenty-two years of dedicated martial arts training. It was this journey into martial arts that initially ignited his interest in the Eastern understandings of health and optimal performance, and led him to work as a personal trainer, leading his clients in various forms of fitness, designing nutrition and lifestyle plans and diving into the industry of health, wellness and personal growth.

The Eastern influence continued to affect his path, as he was drawn further into healing through energy and frequency.

“By understanding and working with these energies, we can release, repair, heal and grow. Physically, consciously and spiritually.”

Kyle’s sessions are based on the idea that if the body and mind are at ease, healing occurs naturally. His focus and intention then are to supply a space where you can let go, escape, find a sense of peace and therefore be able to perform and live at your optimal level.


What Kyle offers currently in his personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Intimacy Coaching Sessions
Travel to clients within Johannesburg
Tantra Massage
Taoist Massage
Frequency & Energy Massage


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What are the sorts of issues Kyle's coaching style is best for?
  • Energy Work in your own home
  • Sensual Rejuvenation
  • Gentle Frequency Rebalancing