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Matt Shelley

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • ICI Foundation Certification

  • IMCSA Certified Master Coach

My Story - Matt Shelley

Matt currently runs his studio from Bryanston, Johannesburg South Africa


"I have a belief that may be familiar to you: that there is something more, something is missing in our experience of sexuality"

Sex is good. How can we celebrate it? The sexual revolution brought many changes and benefits and
more openness about sex. But for me some of the true beauty of sex is still too often dismissed and

"For me, Intimacy Coaching and Tantra can be a guide to explore and discover what is missing for each of us"

So much is taboo and suppressed about sex – even in these seemingly more ‘permissive’ times. The
shadow side of sex is rarely discussed openly, in families and even sometimes between ‘happily married’
partners. Too often Sex in some contexts is still treated as dirty, shameful and furtive

"What I have discovered has been missing for me is a way to transform my sexual patterning and
access a very different form and experience of sexual energy"

I have been on a long personal development journey, doing many forms of personal development, therapy training, being in therapy, and coach training. I have come to understand myself well, to understand my patterning, judgements projections and emotional responses.

In my journey of seeking what is missing for me, I was drawn to the career of practicing as a coach, facilitator, coach supervisor and trainer which I have been doing for the past 15 years, drawing on my own personal development journey.


But there was still something missing for me.

A therapy course for Men that I did over 20 years ago was entitled ‘Transforming Sexual Energy.’ I
loved the concept and immediately knew that this was a very important question in my life, but the
shift I was seeking remained elusive. When I came across Taoist and Tantric breathing and bodywork
I began to discover what was possible, how to fully embody the experience of Transforming Sexual

"I learnt that sexual energy is actually sacred and that it can be accessed with other people in
a way that is so different to traditional forms and taboos of sexual expression"

For me S.E.X. has now come to be a Sacred Energy X-Change. And, on top of that, the experience of body work shifted other very familiar emotional patterns for me.

Through my own therapy and personal work, I had learnt so much about my patterns their origins
and how to manage my response to situations, life challenges and my relationships.

Intimacy coaching added another level of insight and connection that I thought was not possible. I found that rather than simply learning to live with, and manage, my emotions and my response, I was now feeling some of these emotions shift in my body, as though a pathway had become unblocked and I could process and release in a different way.

It was as though the breathing and bodywork accessed the ‘Molecules of Emotion’ that were patterned in the cells of my body, shifting even the pre-verbal patterning that I had not been able to fully access through therapy.

My journey took me over 20 years.


"What I want to offer you is support and guidance to navigate your path to experience this approach to transforming sexual energy more quickly and in a more boundaried, self-managed way".

To shift patterns and obsessions, to experience a form of fulfilment so different to a contractive orgasm, and the projections of the romantic ideal, to connect yourself and others in a way that is deeply intimate, safe and appropriate, free of the shame of our lifelong conditioning around sex.

Matt works with both women & men of all gender and sexual orientations

What Matt offers currently in his personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
  • Transforming sexual energy

  • Releasing shame and addiction

  • Accessing sacred sexual energy

  • Life purpose and career

  • Relationships and sexual intimacy

  • Taoist and Tantric Bodywork

  • Zoom & In studio sessions

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What are the sorts of issues Matt's coaching style is best for?
  • Navigating the journey into experiencing this work in the best way possible for you

  • Healing through Bodywork

  • Intimacy with self