Nancy Dagher

  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Washington DC

  • Certified Life Coach , Los Angeles

  • Certified NLP Master and NLP Practitioner, Los Angeles

  • Certified Motivational Coach, Los Angeles

  • Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Los Angeles

  • Certified Yoga Teacher, Guatemala

  • Certified Reiki Practitioner, US & Dubai

  • Certified Psychometric Testing Professional (CPTP), US & Dubai

My Story - Nancy Dagher

Nancy is  based in Lebanon 

"An avid traveler and a big believer in personal understanding and personal growth through observing and experiencing the world around us. I have always had an innate interest in the Human Behavior, why we do what we do and the source of our thoughts and actions" 

This interest lead me into Human Resources which was my profession for more than 12 years during which I was able to support individuals and groups reach their potential through their careers.

I then realized that I was not living up to my own true potential, I was eager to do more, support more people outside of my circle of 'professional environment'. I traveled extensively, interacted with people from all walks of life and cultivated my curiosity about what sets us apart and what makes us similar.

I then decided to go to the US and study Life Coaching, NLP, Social and Emotional Intelligence coaching and Hypnotherapy as well as take courses with a British institute providing training and support in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy focused on Intimacy, relationships therapy and Psychosexual dysfunctions.

All of which lead to reflecting inwards... a safe space where individuals can recognize their patters, open up about their intimacy matters, and find the source behind their behaviors and actions with the intention of transforming outwards.

What Nancy offers currently in her personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Counselling on Intimacy & Sexual Issues

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What are the sorts of issues Nancy's coaching style is best for?
  • Sexual issues
  • Guilt & shame release surrounding intimacy
  • Exploring new intimacy & sensuality