Information & FAQ's about sessions with a Registered

 Intimacy Coach

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What happens in a Personal Coaching Session?


At Intimacy Coach International, we are not a franchise, so each individual coach has their own personal way of doing sessions.


For some coaches, bodywork & massage is part of sessions, for some including other modalities such as Reiki, Cranial Sacral Work, Tantra Massage or Kinesiology can be part of sessions.

Some coaches only do counselling/talk sessions and each coach designs their own scope of practice from the very beginning of their registration. Information on the specialities & scope of practice is on each coaches personal page, so you can know upfront how they choose to work with clients.


This means no matter what modalities of healing are used in your session, the boundaries for the session are in alignment with our code of conduct.

This also creates the freedom for coaches to design and create new ways of working, to grow Intimacy Coach Internationals' work beyond it's own certification.

Other forms of Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, Neo Tantra & Sexual Education are welcomed as modalities for our Intimacy Coaches to use PROVIDED THEY FIT WITHIN OUR CODE OF CONDUCT


How long does it take to see a difference?


 If you are doing  personal sessions then a difference is often observed after one session, for courses and programs we tell you to realistically expect changes within 3 weeks to 3 months. It's the same as an exercise program to shift responses in the body, but the homework is far more pleasurable!

"What is Tantra/Tantric Massage?"


As with the definition of Tantra there are many different versions of Tantra/Tantric Massage in different places in the world.


As Registered Intimacy Coaches, our version consists of full body conscious touch or bodywork that has an energetic and creative edge designed to awaken, align and channel kundalini life force energy/sexual energy.


It is a creative, energetic and free flowing massage that is not limited within the holistic framework, meaning the entire body can be massaged in a session.


It is not limited to Sensual Massage and can often release deeply held emotion in the body, has no set goal with the energy it awakens and be anything from arousing to inducing deep sleep!


Our massages are strictly within our Code of Conduct and are explained as to what we touch and why before the Massage starts.


If you have received a Tantra styled massage before from other practitioners, we would encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct to know the boundaries of how we operate within a Tantra Massage Session. 

"How do you teach sexual technique without having sex?"


Because we teach in a way that involves a lot of beautiful and fun homework, it is not necessary to actually practice the techniques in session/class.


Most work is taught on latex models for the comfort and safety of the client, and you can learn all of this with your clothes on! For some lessons we will request you wear comfortable "yoga" type clothes, so you can breathe and stretch comfortably.

"What is Taoist Massage?"


Taoist Massage is a set massage of very specific energy meridian moves designed in the Taoist Tradition.

It uses the energetic meridians in the body to raise Kundalini/Life Force/Sexual Energy to be redistributed as the individuals' body decides.

The body has an innate wisdom and when given the choice of using life force energy differently, is hugely intelligent in redistributing that life force in the body for whatever energies are necessary at that time.

This can often mean a huge increase in creativity, in libido, in healing and release of unwanted repressed experiences and of gut and colon activating.

It is a set massage consisting of set moves, and olthough it can bring up emotional and body responses ranging from arousal to anger, relaxation to enervation, it has a different feel every time you experience it, as it relies on the current state of the energetic meridians to redistribute the energy/life force.

It involves the full body with the exception of the feet and crown of the head (these would release the energy from the body instead of energetic redistribution)

It is a fantastic healing and maintenance massage for energy and life force, and is recommended to keep you in good health in the Taoist Life Force Energy Traditions.