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  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Pro Cuddler/Holder

  • Language & Culture

  • Religion & Spirituality

  • Trauma Informed

My Story - Terryll

Terryll's work is based in North Florida - USA

"I believe we can create a world where all earthly inhabitants live ecstatic, exuberant lives"

Based in North Florida, USA Terryll is available for sessions in or outside the region.

Terryll is a gentle soul whose warm, masculine energy invites others to relax and be themselves. People say his hugs are healing and often ask him to hold them – which he happily does. Ever curious, Terryll loves to explore the heights and depths of human experience, learning from its pleasures and its pains.

After years of serving the ‘Word of God’ in missionary linguistic work, Terryll experienced a resurgence of life energy (Eros) that revealed the neglect his body had suffered in an overly word-centered religious tradition. From there, he began a journey into greater authenticity and deeper, richer embodiment.

Terryll believes that we can create a world where all earthly inhabitants live ecstatic, exuberant lives. To that end, the services he offers as an Intimacy Coach are meant to help people rediscover and reconnect with their intimately embodied souls: a source of profound power, joy, freedom, truth and love.

"Whether you are wanting to expand your potential for pleasure, practice skills for relating to others, heal harm inflicted by abuse, or simply avail yourself of loving human contact I can help" 

Book now to take your self-care and self-growth to the next level! The world is waiting for a more-alive you!

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What are the sorts of issues Terrylls' coaching style is best for?
  • Exploring/expanding oneself sensually

  • Integrating mind, body, and heart

  • Healing relational abuse/trauma

  • Healing religious abuse/trauma

  • Healing sexual abuse/trauma

  • Enhancing relational skills