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What is Intimacy Coaching?


How do I become an Intimacy Coach?

What is an Intimacy Coach?

There are different categories of Intimacy Coaches, but as a useful generalisation, this type of coaching helps you with your intimate life, from sexual communication through to pragmatic approaches to pleasure and sexuality within different sorts of intimate relationships. 

Intimacy Coaches can do this in a myriad of ways from just talk therapy or counselling, through to practical sessions under certain Codes of Conduct or guidelines from their training or certification.









What is a sex and relationship coach?

This is an Intimacy Coach with a more specific scope of practice, often sex coaching revolves more around the sexual act and how that integrates into relationship, whereas Intimacy Coaching tends to have more focus on the entire umbrella of Intimacy, from sexual body language and communication through to intimacy in relationship, being intimate beyond the bedroom.

Do I need to be qualified or registered to do Intimacy Coaching?

No, but different places in the world have different legal requirements for which Scope of Practice you may follow.

You can become an Intimacy Coach all by yourself at present, and call yourself an Intimacy Coach with no training, but it’s a better idea to set up your business and training with a certification or training that suits what you want to do as an Intimacy Coach, with guidance and support.

What does Intimacy Coach Certification or Training Cost?

It can range from $12 800 (US) (Somatica Sex Coach Qualification) $5497 (Sexual Health Alliance - Sexual Educators Certification), through to a more affordable Holistic Intimacy Coach Certification Training) at $2995 (US) (Intimacy Coach International) 

Some other Neo Tantra trainings or Relationship Counseling Therapy/ Courses cost less than $1000 (US).

How do I know which Intimacy Coaching Training is right for me?

It’s best to decide what you need for your career as an Intimacy Coach and  what will be within your Scope of Practice as an Intimacy Coach.

  • Do you want to expand on your current coaching business and integrate Intimacy Coaching?

  • Are you going to include Yoga or movement?

  • Are you aiming for a Holistic approach?

  • Do you want to be a Relationship Counsellor?

  • Do you want to be a Sexual Educator?

  • Do you want to mainly work with Sex Coaching?

  • Are you going to include other modalities such as massage, Reiki, Alternative Healing?

It's best to ask about each training or certification and see if it suits your needs for what you would like to practice within your Intimacy Coaching Business/Career, ask all of your questions & research before making a decision on which course would be right for you.

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