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Angelic is laughing as she massages a clients neck, he is also laughing as he is lying on a massage table the phto is in black and white


Certified Intimacy Coach


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Angelic Elrod - My Story 

"I want to help you discover the boundaries you require to experience safe, loving touch"

Angelic is a Nourishment and Intimacy Facilitator who helps people restore safety and boundaries in their interpersonal relationship dynamics. She is a massage and bodywork specialist who has used conscious safe touch to help others regain nervous system regulation to recover from dissociation and disconnection from the body.

"My somatic approach to coaching helps people deeply reconnect to their bodies"

Her work also re-establishes intimacy in her clients' lives through strong daily practices that facilitate a deep sense of connectedness. Through important conversation, re-education and  diligent daily practices, Angelic guides people back to their bodies. She has a heartfelt passion to help people who have difficulty establishing authentic and intimate connections with others and their own self.

"I work as a catalyst for radical change by actively engaging you in a lifelong breakdown of your inner workings and their ties to your relationships"

Angelic works deeply with women to restore their sensual radiance and overall approach to their bodies and the boundaries required to experience safe loving touch and connection with another. She helps men shatter old paradigms and programs around intimacy and touch by offering daily practices to reflect, restore and regain confidence, integrity and clarity to their own sensual nature. 

How Angelic can help you

Touch changes our body’s chemistry. There are many areas of the brain that are activated when someone else touches us, in particular the area that has to do with discerning people's intentions. 

Receptors in the skin tell us what kind of touch it is; should we relax or spring to action?

In research projects with animals who received no touch or minimal touch, many died or suffered long term damage like:

Underdeveloped immune systems 


Reduced body growth

Memory function

Areas of the brain showed reduced volume... 

Angelic Elrod working with a client on a table with a blue blanket
Angelic Elrod is working on a clients forehead
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