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"I'm bored with my sex life and don't know how to learn anything  beyond porn &  new partners"


We know how it feels

You're frustrated and tired of your intimate life being limited to what you already know, you've read some books,

and perhaps even had some conversations about changing things up, but it's hard to implement things in a practical way when you are not sure about what's possible.

This is where we can help!


Want to chat before doing an official session? Many of our coaches offer a complimentary Zoom chat to answer your questions and see if this coaching is the right fit for you!

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"I'd like to align my sexuality with my spirituality"

Sacred Sexuality

Being mindful & conscious of our creative life force energy

You've been exploring various growth paths and evolving your self growth and mindfulness, perhaps you've even started exploring Neo Tantra or Kundalini work

We'd  like to help you in a practical & honouring way

  • We'd like to help you with your own personal spiritual journey and what you would like to experience, explore and evolve with our work in Neo Tantra & Conscious Sexuality 

  • We can help remove blockages within your life force energy (sexual energy) with our courses with meditation, visualisation and somatic bodywork, either taught as self practice or in a personal session with a coach.


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"I'm always the person people talk to about their sex lives, could I have a career as an Intimacy Coach?

The missing link in coaching

Intimacy Coaching is the new big thing in coaching!

Whether you are just fascinated with intimacy & sexuality, or a coach that needs a clear way forward to expand your business into this area, we are a path for you to achieve this career / expand your business

We offer training courses on becoming part of our team with Registration & Certification

  • We have a completely online Training Course that runs in your own time and space to help you achieve your own Intimacy Coaching practice 

  • The course takes approximately 18 months to 2 years to complete, and we help you with all areas of running your Intimacy Coaching business 


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