Personal & Professional Coaching for your Intimate Life

Meet Anne-Marie


She's the founder of Intimacy Coach International, mother to a teenager and has been married for 20 years.

"We ran into issues with pleasure & sexuality in our relationship, and travelled a really difficult path involving separation and hurt. I wanted to create ways for people to learn how to change that with ease & mindfulness, so that learning about improving their intimate life could be fun & deeply pleasurable"

"Why has my sex life become boring?"


There are many factors that reduce desire & excitement in relationships, the good news is that with a little change comes a lot of benefit! 

"How could I be more confident/last longer in the bedroom?"


Confidence in the bedroom is related to real knowledge about pleasure, with tried & tested techniques....

"How do I become intimate again when I was sexually abused?"


Reconnecting with your body after abuse is possible, and there are specific somatic (body techniques) that work well for this....

"What is Neo-Tantra? What is Tantric Sex?
What is Kundalini Energy?"


The practice of Neo Tantra for Spiritual Connection to self on a Spiritual Journey, or in partnership can be learned with specific techniques & breathwork...

"Why have I lost interest in my sex life after having a child?"


Tired women have no libido, tired men do. This is one of the biggest forms of friction in many relationships...

"Do I need an Intimacy Coach, am I sexually normal?"


If you have run into some sexual issues that you don't know how to deal with, and are not sure what normal looks like, then an Intimacy Coach or Intimacy Coaching course could be what you need...