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Become an Intimacy Coach

Find your calling: Registration &

Certification Courses for Intimacy Coaches

Can you relate?

Fear that speaking openly about

sexuality is strange or challenging?

Feeling like you're the only one with

these thoughts and problems?

Worried about the stigma

attached to intimacy?

Anne-Marie Clulow.jpg

I'm Anne-Marie

I used to have these fears myself


I've been through a journey of discovery with intimacy, relationship and sacred sexuality, and everything I teach is what I wish I had known at the beginning, and methods I've implemented myself

It's not a one-size-fits-all, since everyone has their own personal journey - I tailor programs individually, for each coaches' own business and style

How I can help you


Intimacy Coach Certificate


Online Courses


1:1 Coaching

What my coaches & clients say about me


Create a career in intimacy coaching

Our Training, Registration and Certification Online Course provides you with everything you need for your own journey as well as creating an individual business for what you'd like to coach/teach/create in the Holistic Intimacy Coaching field!

Why Holistic Intimacy Coaching?

Heal traumatic sexual experiences you might have


Add Intimacy Coaching into your business to coach others

Learn about the 2 hour orgasm

home free gift

Get my first and most important lesson I give all my clients, for free.

   This tool can be used to:

  • Get the intimate life that you desire

  • Start your intimacy coaching business

  • Heal your inner spiritual being


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