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The world of Intimacy Coaching is Exploding! This form of coaching & training is providing deeper and more connected Intimate Experiences for both those choosing to Certify in this field as well as for their clients!

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"I'm interested in a career in Intimacy Coaching"

Our Training and Certification Online Course provides you with everything you need for your own journey as well as creating an individual business for what you'd like to coach/teach/create in the Intimacy Coaching field!

You can book your FREE Zoom chat here to see if we are the right fit for you!

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"I'd like to book a Session with a Certified Intimacy Coach"

Our Certified Intimacy Coaches offer both in person and online sessions to deal personally and confidentially with issues in your relationship & Intimate Sex Life.

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What Is Intimacy Coaching?

Intimacy Coaching is a huge field currently expanding in the Coaching Market. The Intimacy Coaching that we offer at Intimacy Coach International ranges from a practical approach to Sexual Skillsets and Sexual Pleasure Education training through to a completely hands off approach with Doctors & Psychologists who train and certify with us, using proven techniques that are taught in a variety of different approaches depending on the individual scope of practice of the Certified Intimacy Coach.

This means we are a BRIDGE between Academic Intimacy & Relationship Coaching & Holistic / Somatic Sexual Healers. This helps us create non - franchised Intimacy Coaches who can create their own work & Scope of Practice

We provide a personal & confidential approach to issues you could be having in your personal intimate life, as well as Online Courses & Sessions to learn about pleasure potential, how to touch for better sensual satisfaction, how to evolve your intimacy at different stages of your life & how to explore your body & balance/regulate your nervous system after harsh intimate experiences

We are more than just "Sex Coaches" we work with Holistic Intimacy, to not only help with practical results within your Intimate Life, but also the spiritual & psychological intimacies within a relationship with your own body and that of a lover/partner

A full bridge of mind / body & spirit!

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Online Courses for Specific Issues that we can help you with:

Intimate Relationship Crisis

Communication Techniques, Nervous System Regulation

  • Help with reconnecting after some sexual traumas 

  • Help with painful or non pleasurable intimacy

  • Help with communication and healing after an affair

Intimacy Difficulties

Easy to integrate Holistic Sexual Healing 

  • Help with holistic approaches to erectile dysfunction

  • Help with holistic approaches to lack of libido or interest in intimacy

  • Dealing with Sensual / Sexual / Intimate Skill Sets during disease or illness and intense relationship changes

Exploration & Sensual/Sexual Development

  • NeoTantra Lessons & Sessions

  • Learn how to have Tantric Sex, expand & increase pleasure potential

  • Have more confidence & have real skills in the boudoir that come from ancient and proven techniques!

Our Team - Featured Alumni

We work with, and train Intimacy Coaches Worldwide

Our Team is a group of  peers, students & mentors dealing with various aspects of Intimacy Coaching from Spiritual Awakening & linking Conscious Sexuality into a creative path, through to working with couples dealing with Intimacy Issues within marriage, Sensual Skill Sets & NeoTantra Bodywork

Each Coach has a unique niche under our Intimacy Coach International Intimacy Umbrella, and designs their approach individually with our training

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