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Become an Intimacy Coach

Find your calling: Registration &

Certification Courses for Intimacy Coaches


Starting June 1 2024

Add a Certification to your Wellness Business in 9 weeks...

Wellness professional? Life Coach? Therapist? Add a FOUNDATION HOLISTIC INTIMACY COACHING CERTIFICATION  in 9 weeks with our Accelerated Training Course! 


Can you relate?

Fear that speaking openly about

intimacy  is strange or challenging?

Feeling like you don't know how to help your clients when they begin to share about their intimate lives?

Worried about the stigma

attached to intimacy & sexuality?

We are the Founders of IC International

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We hit a wall in our intimate life 16 years into our relationship, we tried date nights, romantic getaways and read books.


Everything helped a little bit, but didn’t have long term effects. 


After years of actually learning the somatic and nervous system work behind great pleasure and intimacy experiences, we started teaching methods that we had learned and integrated, to people who needed practical and individual intimacy help, with online courses, in both becoming an Intimacy Coach and helping individuals

Now we want to help you do the same….

Annie  &  Tim

How we can help you

two people reaching out with just their wrists and hands showing and fingertips touching

Intimacy Coach Certificate

a couple sitting on the edge of a bed she has a screen device in front of her and he's sipping tea they are both looking at the screen


A coach and a client are sitting on chairs talking

1:1 Coaching

What our coaches & clients say.....

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Create a career in intimacy coaching

Our Training, Registration and Certification Online Course provides you with everything you need for your own journey as well as creating an individual business for what you'd like to coach/teach/create in the Holistic Intimacy Coaching field!

a man and a woman face to face intimately lying with one another

Get our first and most important lesson we give all our clients, for free.

   This tool can be used to:

  • Get the intimate life that you desire

  • Start your intimacy coaching business

  • Heal your inner spiritual being

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