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What We Offer

We Train, Register & Certify those wishing to become Holistic Intimacy Coaches, to help their clients with integrating, healing and connection within their own individual intimate lives with mind, body & spirit!


We help coach individuals & couples to discover their personal journey into a fulfilled and pleasurable intimate life with Holistic Intimacy Coaching Sessions & Courses both online & in person

Why Holistic Intimacy Coaching?

Because your intimate life goes way beyond learning tricks and techniques in the bedroom or how to communicate differently.

We design ways forward with our clients that take their personal belief systems, current relationship design and specific comforts and learning styles into consideration.

We teach people how to touch and connect with each other, emotionally, authentically, spiritually with a personal approach to healing and pleasure and deeper understandings in their intimate lives with themselves and their partners

Our Training, Registration and Certification Online Course provides you with everything you need for your own journey as well as creating an individual business for what you'd like to coach/teach/create in the Holistic Intimacy Coaching field!

We offer payment plans & scholarships as well as reduced rates for those already practicing in the Intimacy Coaching / Conscious Sexuality / Tantra fields


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Our Certified Intimacy Coaches offer both in person and online sessions to deal personally and confidentially with issues in your relationship & Intimate Sex Life.

You can work online with one of our Certified Coaches or even in person in some parts of the world!

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About Our Founder

Anne-Marie Clulow

“I wanted to teach what I’d wish I’d been taught at the beginning of my 28 year relationship, as the skills and coaching I learned revolutionised our married intimate life, and opened my conscious awareness of pleasure & spirituality”

Anne-Marie has appeared on 702, Radio Today, Power FM and Kaya FM talking about Conscious Sexuality & Neo Tantra, featured in Women & Home Magazine and has been a guest twice on ETV's "Great Expectations" on regaining libido after childbirth.

Currently a Columnist for Odyssey Magazine with her column "Blissexology" she has been booked as a Featured Speaker at the KwaZulu Spirit Festival in 2023

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