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“We wanted to teach what we wished we'd been taught at the beginning of our 28 year relationship, as the skills and coaching we learned revolutionised our married intimate life, and opened our conscious awareness of pleasure & spirituality"

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Founders and Team


What we do, and why we do it...

“We hit a wall in our intimate life 16 years into our relationship. When we looked for help, much of it didn't have a practical way to implement it, and we struggled with learning the work in a way that honoured both our relationship and our individual journeys..". 

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After learning how to redesign our 28 year relationship, and moving deeply into somatic bodywork and nervous system reset work, we realised we could help more people by teaching what we knew and training other people.

We chose to teach coaches who wanted to help people learn more about their intimate selves, sensuality, somatic relationships and guide them towards what worked as an intimacy journey for them personally

After years of actually learning the somatic and nervous system work behind great pleasure and intimacy experiences, we  designed trainings and certifications to teach wellness professionals and coaches, to include practical and holistic intimacy coaching for their clients and now work with over 70 Certified Intimacy Coaches around the world


With life and laughter

From the founders of Intimacy Coach International

Annie  &  Tim


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Holistic Intimacy SS
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Anne-Marie has appeared on 702, Radio Today, Power FM and Kaya FM talking about Conscious Sexuality & Neo Tantra, featured in Women & Home Magazine and has been a guest twice on ETV's "Great Expectations" on regaining libido after childbirth. She is currently a Columnist for Odyssey Magazine with her column "Blissexology" .

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Some of  OUR TEAM...

Each Certified Intimacy Coach has their own INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS that offers different resources and services under the Intimacy & Somatic Relationship Coaching Umbrella

Some of our practitioners offer forms of massage & bodywork (depending on the law and requirements of the country in which they reside) some offer relationship counselling & more generalised Intimacy Coaching, some offer Sensual Skills Training, or lessons in massage & touch, some offer many modalities that compliment Intimacy Coaching, and some concentrate purely on Intimacy Coaching​​


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Read our Blissexology Column in Odyssey Magazine

Annie & Tim talk about Sacred Intimacy and how they personally coach and teach 

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