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Become a Certified &
Registered Intimacy Coach

Why train to become an Intimacy Coach?

There are many coaches & teachers currently who are faced with clients who need more practical help with relationships & intimacy.

Our Online Supported Training Course can be used to extend the Scope of your Practice as a counsellor/coach/therapist /alternative healer or if you feel a calling to do this work

We also support you on your personal journey with your own intimate life which is a very important part of teaching and coaching with this work.

Online Modules

Over 90 easy access videos with step by step training

Masterclasses & Zoom Group calls monthly 

Online Modules completed in own time frame

Exams & Certificates issued with email support

1:1 Mentoring calls included

Live support all the way to Certification


What others say about me and my program

certification free

Get my first and most important lesson I give all my clients, for free.

   This tool can be used to:

  • Get the intimate life that you desire

  • Start your intimacy coaching business

  • Heal your inner spiritual being


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