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Become a Certified &
Registered Intimacy Coach

The Holistic Intimacy Coaching Certification

The Intimacy Coaching Course for health and wellness professionals that will help your clients make real somatic changes in their intimate lives...

Why train to become an Intimacy Coach?

There are many coaches & teachers currently who are faced with clients who need more practical help with relationships & intimacy.

Our Online Supported Training Course can be used to extend the Scope of your Practice as a counsellor/coach/therapist /alternative healer or if you feel a calling to do this work

We also support you on your personal journey with your own intimate life which is a very important part of teaching and coaching with this work.

You'll walk away with...

A much improved and pleasurable intimate life for yourself, as well as that of your clients

Easy ways to work with clients to help them have more interest in healing intimacy and pleasure exploration.

Somatic methodologies to hold a safe space for clients to learn without feeling judged

What others say about me and my program


A training resource for..

Wellness Professionals, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Practitioners, Psychologists, Counsellors, Energy Healers, Sacred Sexuality Teachers, Dakinis, Dakas, Health Spa Owners, Couples Counsellors, Marriage Therapist, Imago Therapists, Somatic Bodywork & Massage Therapists and anyone in the health and wellness industry who wants to expand their practices!

Online Modules 

Over 90 easy access videos with step by step training

All monthly Masterclasses & Zoom Group calls included

Online Modules completed in own time frame

All Exams & Certificates included

1:1 Mentoring calls included

Live support all the way to Certification

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I don’t just sell this course online.

You can’t just “buy it and get qualified”


The way this course works, is to design the right fit for you PERSONALLY.

This means learning  with the integrations and modalities that fit your life and business..


I talk to you first to make sure it’s the right fit for you and our team, to see if it will suit your calling with this work, or the business you want to create.

Pricing Investment 

This first Zoom complimentary call (No Charge) is to “meet” you, as we will be working together for 6 months - 2 years, and the investment for this course is not only financial, but holds time and energy, which are sacred investments for me.


Some scholarships and tiered pricing are available, which can be discussed on a case to case basis, as if this is your calling, we don't want finances to hold you back.

Updated pricing is listed in the full brochure which you can download HERE

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