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Anne-Marie Clulow

Intimacy Coach Training, Online Sessions & Retreats

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Blissexology with
Odyssey Magazine

“I wanted to teach what I’d wish I’d been taught at the beginning of my 28 year relationship, as the skills and coaching I learned revolutionised our married intimate life, and opened my conscious awareness of pleasure & spirituality”

Anne-Marie had a spiritual awakening whilst on stage performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” in 2010 where she heard a calling to go into a deep exploration of herself, her purpose, and what she could share with others who were awakening to the same shift in consciousness.

She developed Intimacy Coach International as a safer, more personal and exclusive way to learn about Neo Tantra and Sensual Massage Skillsets in South Africa, then exploded into the international market with training therapists/coaches worldwide willing to look at a larger holistic relationship picture, inclusive of sexuality.

Her calling is to help people heal after difficult sexual experiences, teach couples to discover vibrant desire & sensual play, and explore holistic methods to reveal pleasure possibilities and a conscious positive sexuality in the world within a professional, personal and boundaried methodology.

On Line Courses you can do with me..

Want to do a session or E-Treat with me?

1:1 Zoom Coaching

$199 (US) per hour

Bliss E-Treats (LIVE 2 Day Course)

Learn about Tantra & Sensuality in the comfort of your own home!

$299 (US)

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