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Holly Beck 

Holly Beck is an intimacy coach and writer who lives, and loves, in Northern NM, with her family and dogs. With extensive experience in hospitality, customer service, business management, and education.

 Holly's vision is to create an environment that is safe for people of all ages and persuasions, a place where desire becomes reality, and a space where the erotic can be practiced by all, without discrimination.

Holly is co-host of the podcast Shadow of Love, a modern conversation on love in the age of Tinder, and is the creator of the blog Orgastronomy (TM) LLC, a savory, erotic journey exploring  the cultural and anthropological history of the heady intermingling of food and sex. She is also the force behind The Holding Presence LLC and Orgastronomy (TM) LLC, providing intimacy coaching, workshops, and special events.

In a world where so much bodily autonomy is being stripped, her goal is to provide a safe haven for all to reclaim it.

How Holly can help you

*World class service
*Social Opportunities
*Safer, Supportive Space
*NO JUDGEMENT (within legal limits, of course ;)

*Erotic and Sexual Literacy Classes

Holly Beck Certified Intimacy Coach
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