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Sense You Wellness Courses

What Our Clients Say...

Suzy completed the "Relationship Redesign" Sense You Wellness Course

Relationship ReDesign

Sense You Wellness Virtual Courses

These online courses are all designed to help you heal and release into your sensuality and energy in a way to assist you with living your best life, full sensuality and somatic sensual experiencing.

We approach all of this work from a holistic perspective, mind, body and spirit, with honour for your own personal experiences and belief systems!

All courses are hosted on the Thinkific Student Platform, and any questions you have while travelling on your online course journey can be asked via email with feedback and support from the Intimacy Coach International Team.

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Our Online Courses:


  • Available through the Thinkific platform for access with laptop, iPad or even your mobile phone

  • Pay safely and securely through Thinkifics' encrypted secure payment channels for peace of mind

  • Our Courses all have videos, tutorials and notes on techniques

  • We help you with Interactive feedback and questions, you're not alone!

Want to join a Sacred Community Circle?

Perhaps you've started your personal journey into Sense You Wellness and sacred sensuality or Neo Tantra and would like to join our Community Zoom Calls to have support and discussions about this journey?

We meet once a month and will send you a Zoom link to join in!

There's no charge for this Circle, you just have to be a subscriber, but we are limited to numbers for attendees to get the best experience for everyone who chooses to book and attend.

Thanks for submitting!

Intimacy Coaching Testimonials
Hanging Hearts
"We continue to use the approaches and techniques that she taught us today, and we are now well into our retirement years. It is no exaggeration to say that our time and learning with her took our marriage to a higher level, and our orgasmic experiences even beyond that"

Private Client Referral (J & M)

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