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Shakyla Kaybree - My Story 

" It is not a gift from me, but yet a gift to me to have the privilege to accompany spirits to a higher experience of intimacy. And in a world where love should heal all, I've been called upon to help heal love"

Shakyla Kaybree is a Birth Guardian and Intimacy Healer trained and experienced in the calling of Doula work and Intimacy Coaching. Her holistic approach at getting in tune with her clients mental, spiritual, and physical state helps her to examine and guide her clients in all the ways in which their intimate lives can be affected.

"We are more than just bodies that have sex. We are being that eat, breath, think, with families and partners. We are multidimensional, and at the end of the day those different dimension play a part in our intimate lives"

Her practice goes beyond talk sessions, bringing in the practice and education of touch, mindfulness, mediation, health awareness, self care practices, and so much more to help with bringing in true harmony and bliss into the lives of her clients. She believes in people taking the reins of their own pleasure. She supports, guides, and empowers them with tools to define the true meaning of pleasure for THEM.

"I believe the first step to owning your bliss is to acknowledge the fact that you have been given the power to own it. We sometimes need reminding of that."

She works with individuals and couples, listening deeply to their needs and catering each session uniquely to them and their desired outcome. In the end her work leads clients to experience a life of bliss and intimacy within every aspect of who they are and the world around them.

How Shakyla can help you

Are you experiencing disconnection with your partner?

Feelings of shame around or during intimacy?

Discomfort or pain during intercourse?

Overall feelings of dissatisfaction in your intimate life?

Book your free consultation to get started on finding the intimacy you desire.

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