Tamara Carter

  • Registered Intimacy Coach

  • Foundation Certification

  • Intermediate Certification

  • Consciousness Coach

  • Access Consciousness Bars

  • Reiki

My Story - Tamara Carter

Tamara's healing studio & centre is based in Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa

The capacity of intimacy we experience with self, is the capacity of intimacy we can experience with another and our existence.”

With a background in Access Consciousness Bars, Consciousness Coaching, Registered Intimacy Coaching, Massage, Energy Healing and Sacred Plant Work I found the space within myself of trust and freedom to truly live my own unique expression and desire for life.

My background of sexual abuse, a contract of marriage and narcissistic relationships that all triggered aspects of self that lay deeply hidden, haunted me daily. Through a deeply painful period where there was no place to hide, yet only feel all that I had tried to control for so long. I discovered the courage and gift of desire and acceptance. Acceptance of all aspects of self as the perfect guide to my desire for life.

“My gratitude and passion for the capacity and freedom I hold today is the acceptance of the perfection of my life" 

The world we live in teaches us to feel shame for our desire, passion and sensuality. Hence
allowing our creation and life force to function from the space of shame and disconnection.

Denying ourselves our most sacred gift, our life force.

To feel, is the most wholesome and natural experience. It is the experience of truly living,
being alive and authentic in our experience of life. Denying any aspect of ourselves allows
for a disconnection of self, our partners and life itself.

Disconnection enforces a concept that our life force should not be experienced in everyday

"Life is an orgasmic experience, lived in each moment. In pain and bliss. It is ours to
experience and live. It is life itself calling. It is the experience of living intimately through
self in experiencing our world and those we share it with"

The shame, guilt and fear became my greatest ally in freedom. To live in today and the bliss of an intimate relationship with self. The gift I now get to share with the world.

My greatest teachings, the power of vulnerability and the courage of acceptance of all aspects of self.


Creating the most sacred intimate relationship with self.

"Awareness of self and our desire shifts the experience of living, into an intimate space of
experiencing ourselves authentically through life with integrity"

No matter what story, experience of abuse, shame or guilt. An intimate relationship with
self and life allows a whole new experience of living. An experience where we are set free,
from our own limiting beliefs and structures.

“Until you make the Unconscious Conscious. It will direct your life and you will call it fate”. –
C.G. Jung"My Passion is holding space for people to step into acceptance and acknowledgement for all the layers of their being.  To awaken to their authentic selves, their truth"

The space I hold for another:
A safe space for acceptance of all aspects of self. A safe place to explore a deeply sacred
intimate relationship with self, and our desire for life and truly living. Allowing the
experience of life to be lived through us in our daily experiences.

“Tantra loves, and loves unconditionally. It never says no to anything what so ever, because
everything has its own place in the whole, and the whole cannot exist with anything missing
from it.” Osho

What Tamara offers currently in her personal Intimacy Coaching practice:
Massage healing for sexual issues
Plant medicine journeys
Sexual & Sensual Consciousness Training
Tantra Massage & Healing 


What are the sorts of issues Tamara's coaching style is best for?
  • Dealing with sexual shadow issues
  • Sexual Healing
  • Opening up consciousness in sexuality