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Phoenix Rising 
The Midlife Awakening For Women

I'm Anne-Marie Clulow, and I only discovered my full sensual & creative power when I turned 40....


Last year I went through Surgical Menopause that turned my life upside down, BUT helped me access even more of my creative power and Sense You Wellness with deeper levels as the veil of estrogen lifted...

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Phoenix Rising Course

Welcome to YOUR Phoenix Rising

The change in midlife (around 35) in a woman's body, can be intense!

This can actually be the change into her SEXUAL & SENSUAL peak years if channelled and supported consciously!

We are not taught that in our society....

Phoenix Rising Course

From the ashes... power can rise!

So many women lose the best creative, pleasurable and sensual years of their lives.

It doesn't have to be that way.....

And it's not that difficult to learn how to change it....

I created this course to share what starts the Midlife Awakening, the techniques that access the creativity of the Cosmic Womb, the Sensual Awakening of the Midlife  Woman to access the full power & pleasure of the Phoenix Rising 


This 6 week course includes the methods I used to regain my power and pleasure, with a massive surge of life force and creativity, and recovery from burnout & overwhelm in the nervous system.

It's not enough though, to just know what the changes could be, or what they can involve.

This journey is best done with SUPPORT


The Phoenix Rising Course not only has a complete online course to follow step by step, but also includes 1:1 support through Masterclasses with other women, Sacred Circles to share with and support each other, and feedback and personalised support through out the entire course to help it fit your unique Phoenix Journey!


Pink Sky Phoenix_edited_edited.png

Phoenix Rising
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