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Train to become a Certified Intimacy Coach

Online Tutoring
"Why train to become an Intimacy Coach?"


There are many coaches & teachers currently who are faced with clients who need more practical help with relationships & intimacy.

Our Online Supported Training Course can be used to extend the Scope of your Practice as a counsellor/coach/therapist /alternative healer or if you feel a calling to do this work

We also support you on your personal journey with your own intimate life which is a very important part of teaching and coaching with this work.


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Online Workshop
"What does the training involve?"

There are 3 levels (Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced) which have over 90 step by step videos, audio tracks, PDFs & Manuals to do at your own pace supported by Group Zoom Calls & Homework Pods online.

These modules include consent & communication, Sensual Skill Sets Training, working with the nervous systems and chemicals within intimacy & sensuality,  working with relationships and their design, healing with mindfulness, meditation and kundalini, Yin Conscious Touch and body balancing & how to work with clients, how to set up your individual business and unique scope of practice.

If you are already teaching or coaching in aligned fields you can be practicing within 3- 6 months with examinations,  otherwise the course takes 6 -18 months

 to complete.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga
"Can I do this training if I'm registered with another coaching modality?"

Absolutely!  you can do our training and design our tools and work to fit your business  whether you are a Non Touchwork based Counsellor  or a licensed massage & bodywork therapist!

Online Meeting
"Why should I chat to you before beginning the Intimacy Coach Training & Certification?"


The training we offer is online, and supported by a peer group of Intimacy Coaches and Trainees Worldwide. It is not a franchise, but a TEAM, and checking in that this training is the right fit for you before you spend any money is important to us!

We will also recommend alternatives for you if we feel the training doesn't align for you.

interviewing you is a way to let us know if your pace is professional or newbie to this style of coaching.

"As an academic, my focus on intimacy was always from within the lens of academia. Your course,
and your style of teaching has not only broadened my horizons but allowed me to bring a whole new
holistic healing dimension to my clients"

VERIFIABLE Testimonial

—  DR. Marina Basson 

Thanks for your enquiry!

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